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    Moving Forward is a local moving company with experts and professionals, who cater to customer needs with safety, care and love. Call us now: 469 833 5438

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We are professional movers, we provide the following services at affordable rates, to suit your pocket and sooth your mind.


You should accept nothing less when having your home relocated. From management, to sales and customer care, our foremen and their team bring years of experience to bear.


Company has been in the moving business for over a decade, and will be in it for a long time. Leaving a trail of happy clients that grows bigger every day.


We work at a perfect balance of speed and care, making sure there’s no damage to your belongings while completing the move in the shortest amount of time possible.


Constant training, and constant hardware and software updates ensure your movers are equipped to tackle the challenges of the day at a pace and level.


From Residential homes to Apartments


Need help with packing your valuables, our experts will take care to pack your valuables with loving care.


For lease on a "as needed" basis.



Moving Forward

You may see many moving companies, so why choose us?
Let us tell you our special features...

The way we see it, the purpose of a moving company isn’t simply in the heavy lifting – you can get a couple friends and a pizza and knock it out in a day if that were the case, for the most part. A moving company’s prime objective should be to minimize the stress that inherently follows a moving process, and do all the basic stuff that goes with it, without compromising one for the other. It is a challenge from time to time, but it’s a challenge we enjoy taking on, for our clients.

  • Your requirement is our wish
  • Moving is quick and easy
  • We are affordable
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Our mission

If you want high quality and professional moving services look no further.

Moving Forward is here to serve you and make your moving experience a smooth, efficient event.

Call us for your upcoming move!



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you move unique or very large items?

Yes! We move almost all items. Be sure to let your Moving Forward representative know ahead of time in case it requires a third mover or special equipment.

How do you take care of fragile items/antiques?

It’s our mission to move your belongings safely and securely. To ensure your items are moved unharmed, we carefully pack and shrink wrap them.

Can you pack my stuff or does it have to be packed?

We are happy to pack your stuff! Be sure to tell us prior to the move to ensure efficiency. To minimize costs, customers have the option to pack their belongings.

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